What insurance should you buy in Papua New Guinea?


Business Advantage PNG asked Pacific MMI Insurance’s Wayne Dorgan for his recommendations.

Pacific MMI Insurance's Wayne Dorgan

Pacific MMI Insurance’s Wayne Dorgan

‘Must haves’

All companies domiciled within PNG must have third party motor vehicle insurance bought via the Government-owned Motor Vehicles Insurance Ltd and workers’ compensation supplied via a licensed PNG insurer.

 ‘Should haves’

  • For SMEs, a business pack (a selection of varied covers that provide businesses more wide ranging cover in one policy) which can include property, liabilities, burglary cover, motor vehicle fleet insurance, money insurance, financial lines insurance.
  • For those moving stock, marine cargo transit insurance is important given problems and delays in shipping and logistics.

Remember that what type of insurance you need depends very much on your industry but health insurance is also recommended for all: when you analyse a business, one of its greatest assets is its staff. If you’re not protecting your staff, you’re really exposing your business.

Wayne Dorgan is Managing Director of Pacific MMI Insurance

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