2015 Pacific Games may change global perceptions of Papua New Guinea


The 2015 Pacific Games is an opportunity to reshape how the world views Papua New Guinea, according to the CEO of the Games Organising Committee, Peter Stewart.

The Pacific Games swimming pool under construction last month.

The Pacific Games swimming pool under construction

‘Anyone who thinks the 2015 Pacific Games is just a sporting event is greatly underestimating the scale, scope and potential of this project,’ he says.

‘Wherever I travel throughout the Pacific talking to the leaders of our participating Nations, I am always asked will it be safe for their teams to come.

The 2015 Pacific Games CEO, Peter Stewart

The 2015 Pacific Games CEO, Peter Stewart

‘Those of us who live in this wonderful country know that the perception of most of the rest of the world is far from the truth.’


Stewart says the Games could attract more than 4,000 visitors, who he wants to return home with stories of how friendly and welcoming PNG is to tourists and businesses.

‘Word of mouth tributes from first-hand experience is far more effective than millions of Kina spent on advertising campaigns.’

He says nearly 300 international media personnel will produce stories about PNG in general, as well as reporting on the Games.

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He says 1500 hours of broadcast material being produced by the Games Organising Committee for distribution throughout the world across television, satellite, cable, internet and digital phone networks will play an important role in changing the perceptions of PNG.

Sir John Guise athletic stadium under construction

Sir John Guise athletics stadium under construction

New facilities

Stewart says he expects the K1.2 billion being spent on the Games and new facilities will allow PNG to attract other major sporting, cultural and business events.

‘These major events further enhance the reputation of the nation and continue the promotion strategy, while also attracting important overseas investment in the form of hotel beds and restaurants filled, not to mention work for local companies to support these events.’

In addition to sporting facilities under construction in Port Moresby—most notably, a new swimming centre and a re-built Sir John Guise Stadium—there are also major infrastructure projects currently under way. These include the Kookaburra Flyover, which will connect Jacksons International Airport to Waigani, a ring-road around the Paga Hill beachfront in Town, and the Games Village at the University of PNG, which will be converted to student accommodation once the games are over.



    I think the development that came with the SP games were not noted by many of us; we can now have some good sporting fertialities in PNG for our future sporting generation. Law and crime is a sperate topic to sports and development..Just an opinion not pointed to anyone.

  2. Greggory Hooley interesting observation from someone who does not feel the sense of patriotism and be part of this opportunity for mindset change and encouragement for Papua New Guineans to lift the bar in their attitude, professional work ethics etc and progress and prosper individually and as a nation. PNG is celebrating 40 years of independence and a lot of positive messaging in the set up and execution of the Games. From a celebrations and culture point of view; PNG will host and the largest cultural event in PNG and 23 games participating countries permitting – in the region. The execution and management of these games will be to Olympic standards inclusive of equipment. The positives then should override crime and focus on sports, arts/culture, music, economic growth and business opportunities – prosperity. Your narrow minded argument spells of inconsideration and total lack of belonging to a peoples. Sport is unifying and PNG’s perfect opportunity to commit to change and live it and have a reason to be better.

  3. Greggory, give me one country from rest of the world that is crime-free and where your tips have put an end to crime .
    I would also appreciate a list of those few strong economies before we can have a honest discussion.

  4. Greggory Hooley says

    I see the games as an outrageously expensive whitewash propaganda which when washes off png will continue to live with an even worse crime situation. We can fool png but not the rest of the world. If you need a few tips on how to put an end to crime In this country altogether drop a line on my email. Perhaps we can learn a few tricks from a few very strong economies.

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