A cracker of a celebration at Paradise Foods


Paradise Foods has celebrated 90 years in business with the release of a new flavour in its range of crackers.

A Paradise Foods worker shows off the new cracker range, available for a limited time.

Paradise Foods has marked its 90th anniversary with the launch of a limited edition cracker flavour called EmNau Mumu Pik. The flavour is only available in stores for five months from its launch date last October.

The inspiration behind Mumu Pik is the tradition of Highlands-style mumu preparation, combining the savoury goodness of pork with a selection of carefully chosen spices.

“We have expanded our distribution warehouse to cater for this uplift in production”

The company’s research and development department dedicated two years to perfecting the flavour through sensory activities conducted among Paradise Foods employees and external EmNau consumers.

The company says the flavour captures the essence of a cherished family gathering.

The launch follows the success of previous product innovations, including the EmNau Beef and Onion biscuit in 2019, marking the rebranding of EmNau into the 85g packet. Subsequent new product developments introduced Choc Chip Cookies in 2020, Smart Start Breakfast Biscuits 70g, and Kala Cookies in 2021. In addition to the new flavour, Paradise Foods has made substantial investments in its production capabilities.

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The company installed a state-of-the-art cracker-making line costing more than PGK60 million at its Malahang site in Lae late last year.

Michael Penrose, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Paradise Foods, expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture.

“We have expanded our distribution warehouse to cater for this uplift in production and are excited to have the new cracker line operating,” he said.

The company has also implemented technological upgrades at its Taraka site to enhance the company’s production efficiency and output.

This article was first published in the January–March edition of Paradise, the inflight magazine of Air Niugini.

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