Building a business in Papua New Guinea with little or no capital


While finance, or access to capital, is an issue for young entrepreneurs, it is possible to build a business with little to no capital, says Roberta Morlin, founder and co-owner of KLM Consulting, which provides marketing research and technology consulting. Financial literacy is the key, adds Melbourne consultant, David Martin.

A finalist in 2015 Kumul GameChanger program, Roberta Morlin is a leader in PNG’s growing community of young tech-savvy entrepreneurs. With guidance, she moved from creating apps to running a consulting agency specialising in market research and technology.

Entrepreneur Roberta Morlin Source: Business Advantage International

‘I pretty much do a lot of work around artificial intelligence,’ she told the Business Advantage PNG Investment conference in Sydney last month.

‘When I first started in 2015, I had 30 different ideas and I had to validate (reduce) those ideas down to 15. I had to further validate over the next 15 months down to four, which I am currently working on,’ she said.

Morlin also studied at Draper University in Silicon Valley and is also a mentor with the 2017 Kumul Gamechanger program.

Health and education

Morlin believes the PNG health and education sectors provide opportunities for young IT entrepreneurs. Her mentoring network now has more than 70 members.

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‘We sit down and we talk with these youth and we understand their passion so that we can match them to globally-funded opportunities.

‘You can build a business with little to no capital, which is what we’re teaching.’

‘Fifty per cent of our population are youths, so we need to prepare them for the jobs of the future—and not only what they are currently studying.

‘We sit down and talk to small and medium-sized businesses, and youth who want to create different opportunities.’

‘Funding is an issue,’ she says, ‘but you can build a business with little to no capital, which is what we’re teaching.’

Morlin advises budding entrepreneurs that if they think that capital ‘is always an issue when you rock up to the banks, maybe you should think about how you can start small and very lean’.

‘Entrepreneurs should just take the plunge and slowly build a business.’

She says that with savings of just K500, you can start an online business tomorrow and keep growing until you’ve used that capital until you build something big.

‘It’s always what you’re passionate about growing, as opposed to understanding market trends.’

Financial literacy

Dr David Martin. Credit: Melbourne Polytechnic

Entrepreneurs should just take the plunge and slowly build a business, rather than wait for a bank loan or an aid grant, according to Dr David Martin, Chairman of M·CAM Inc., which provides financial advice in developing countries, and Creator of the CNBC IQ100 equity index.

Martin’s Heritable Innovation Trust has been involved in the development of community projects and companies in Rabaul. This includes Amruqa (formerly Pacific Spices), which exports spices and essential oils.

He says communities often believe that they need aid or grants to develop their local resources.

‘It’s far better,’ he tells Business Advantage PNG, ‘that they get supply agreements. The focus needs to be on the purchasing side.’

Martin says financial literacy is the key to business success, particularly understanding capital markets, finance corporations, asset holding, leasing corporations, and other developer-related entities.


  1. Fredah Binsarp says

    Hi, I’m Freda Binsarp and I’m starting a tailoring business but I need assistance on funds to elevate further.

  2. El-Freda Budo ilaitia says

    My name is El-Freda Ilaitia

    I have registered business (real estate) and want to own properties. The aim of this business is to get middle and low earners to own and manages their own homes (long terms).
    How can I secure my capital or equity to get a loan from the bank?

  3. Andy William Hanana says

    My name is Andy and I’m really interested in starting up a Hire Car Business here in Port Moresby but I don’t have the fund’s to start, please email me on how to start

  4. Hi I’m Rueben my business is a fishing project,l did fishing and buying as well,l provide the economical service to some remote and rural pats of Morobe,we at this time run economically weak due to covid19 till now our operations are still on hold, we now seek financial assistance.please

    Contact :74532845/74180014

    • Mareta Kokova says

      Hi my name is Marie, and I’m really interested looking at your profile. I have a registered company under Construction and would need assistance. Please contact me via email
      Thank you and I appreciate your Swift response.

      Ta, Marie

  5. Allan Enos says

    My name is Allan Enos, Graphic Designer for more than 25 years, after working with Boroko Motors in Mt Hagen, Highlands Post Printing, Sunshine Publications, Blanche Designs & Publishing, NGIP Agmark Group of Companies, Gazelle International Hotel and Eagle Transit Haven Accommodation in East New Britain. In 2019 I started my own Creative Designing Agency (Real Designs & Publishing). Am thinking of starting a Lifestyle Magazine for my province and entire NGI region and PNG. Your program really interest me and need more to get this dream ( magazine) a reality.
    My contact is 72830951 / or👍🙏

  6. David Urpa says

    I want to start a businesses in my town

  7. Hi everyone,
    I am a student having an interest in giving back to the people in my local community and the District as a whole. I would like to assist the people on how to venture into training locals how to bake, sew and practice proper health services. Therefore I have a proposal and plan and needed ideas and assistance on how to go about to get the project to the people.I would also need financial assistance in anyways to start up the project as my people in East New Britain especially in the Baining areas of Gazelle District are in dire needs of these basic services. The government has neglected the people for many years now thus any great ideas on what I should do would be of great help

    Thankyou and below is my email if anyone is willing to contribute to my plans

  8. Leo Mark says

    Hi everyone, I’m quite new here, just want to share my idea if anyone can assist. Our registered company has been granted and signed a Distribution Contract Agreement with Engie Mobisol (a solar manufacturing company based in Germany) to be a sole distributor of its products here in PNG. As a matter of fact electricity has been a major issue affecting our country today, PPL is not doing enough using the grid system. Therefore, electricity using the off-grid system is seen as the only solution. Though there are many Chinese shops selling the solar products today, it’s all about how genuine the product should be. Most Chinese are selling fake products. We have 22 provinces, 88 districts and 8 million plus population, just imagine how demand of electricity is now currently. Any funder interested to partner with us in this multimillion project, profit sharing will be 60-40 percent agreement-60%(funder) and 40%(us).
    Please reach me on email address or WhatsApp+67579917948 for further details. Ta Leo Mark.

    • jeremy fresi says

      very interested need more details .as in set up times and set up wieght .{as some will have to be walked in}


    I am a young entrepreneur which I have an initiative of establishing a SPICE business in my area and and district as a whole.

    I have my business registered currently,

    My aim of establishing this business is to boost the economy of my local people who have no access through education but in agricultural skills as government vision 2050.

    Currently I have two spice on the ground which is VANILLA and cadamon.which is currently grown by my locals including myself.

    I have two points here which I really need your assistance:

    1: Help me to get into a good market so that I can get this spice out for sale so my local people can get benefits through me as a buyer,

    2: soon as I get my business registered I have no capital to Carry forward,so I need your advice on where and who I can get benefits from to boost my business forward. Expecialy start up capital.

    Thank you

    • jeremy fresi says

      lasen ican help u ,how much vanilla do u have ready to go and how much per 100 kgs.iam a distributer in nsw currently located in byron bay. interested more in the vanilla

  10. Nasayau Lurang says

    I am trying to start a small scale frozen crayfish supplier. I have the ideas but I’m looking for start up capital. Need help!

  11. Francis Maoni Ipu says

    Hi there am looking for good investors to help me start up my cocoa project.

  12. Hi, my name’s Abbie. Me and my wife’s trying to put a school and were having financial problem. We are looking for partner or someone who can provide consultancy services. If you think you are the right person to discuss in detail with us, please let me know. Everything will be discussed only with the interested person.Email address:

  13. Exson Kilbob says

    I am a land owner from Adelbert range from Madang where geologists carry out test for Nickel and other valuable materials. I only need a gold detector from any one to work as partnerships.
    Here is my contact,
    Mobile #:71465080

  14. Abel Duwera says

    Hi and my name is Abel Duwera from Rabaraba, in Milne Bay. Me and my first 12 landowner/ clan groups are interested in using our land areas for a large scale commercial rice project within a very nice and resource base valley called Ruaba Valley in Makamaka LLG, Alotau District, MBP.
    The valley is very suitable for agricultural projects and the landowner groups are all in agreement for this proposed project. The valley alone may contain more than 11,000 ha of land for project development. I am looking for someone, (individual/company) to partner with me to organize and investor to come in to develop this large scale commercial rice project because I have registered a business to operate as a consultation firm and am organizing this project.
    I’m making this request because
    we are currently in need of logistics support from an interested investor/businessman to partner with me to push forward this project established on the ground.
    An interested person can send an email to this email address: or
    contact me through this numbers:
    Dg: 74883314, Bm: 75289662, Telikom: 78431986 or can WhatsApp me and arrange to meet for a discussion over the above matter.

    Thank you

    Abel Duwera

  15. Peter Purpuruk says

    Hi My name is Peter and am planning to open up a second hand and fuel station in ENBP. Need financial help. My email is 73364326

  16. Mary Kalula says

    hi all, i’m from East New Britain and i’am interested in setting up my own second hand business in Kokopo. I am yet to secure a location in any of the town areas (Kokopo, Rabaul, Kerevat, Palmalmal,Warangoi). if you know of any office space available for lease, please kindly advise.

    thank you ,

    Mary Kalula

  17. Oris Francis Semmy says

    As a teacher,no time to go about doing something to start a business, what and how could we go about doing online business? just need some ideas

    • Hi,

      I think most people think that starting a business means making millions.
      Its not. its about solving problems and getting paid in return. then there is the rule of supply and demand if your product/ service is in demand then then you can charge a higher fee because the supply is scarce if your product/ service is not in demand then the price will be low because supply is in access.

      Access to capital is an issue so managing your personal income can be a starting point.

      This is where basic finance and business literacy comes in. There is a lot more to this in which you can learn in a higher institution or online at your own pace.

      But the best thing to do is to take a practical approach, to start somewhere. This will allow you to recognize patterns and build a business – allowing you to apply these patterns in other businesses over time. This is why you don’t need a fancy degree to be a business person.

      In short – manage your income. start somewhere by solving a problem eg: cold water for people walking in the sun. Get experience and grow your business.

      It seems simple but there are a lot of complex theories in play. Let me know if you needs practical advice and I can help you.

      • Oris Francis Semmy says

        Thanks alot, two points to consider is managing income and start somewhere with something that suits.we’ll keep in touch.

  18. Merolyn says

    My name is Merolyn, I am interested in Buying Bitcoin. Anyone selling Bitcoin please email me

    • Johan Arvid says

      Hello Merolyn, kindly contact me on my email For Bitcoin business only

    • BOB HULLS says

      got some spare bits of coin, how many do you want. Will sell them to you for K88,888.00 each , or 6 virgin meris 100 spotted albino pigs, 19 cuscus .and 14 hermophrodite bird of paradise, oh yes , also 5.5 kg of house geckos, that is how much I want

  19. Mervyn Mervyn says

    I am interested in your video presentation can I get more information from your program?
    I am Mervyn Gabarura

  20. Raymond Kiki says

    Hi my name is Raymond Kiki, I have few viable projects/ business ideas and I’m seeking serious investors to venture with. If there be anyone out there who is interested please contact me through details stated below.

    Projects I am into; Security, Catering, Agriculture, Real Estate, Mining ( which I am currently in need of machinery for open pit mining), Food Store and Fuel Supply.

    M: 75725150

    Kind Regards


    • Hello Remond, please check your email from

    • Hi Ray
      get in touch We get it done. It is very possible to break into any business without capital as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship: pursuit of opportunities beyond resources controlled

      • Rainna steven says

        Hi my name is Rainna im a yound accountant gradeuated with a certificate and now counting my diploma. Im have big dreams of making business as a young Papua new Guinean .i have seen and realized alot of business opportunity every every since i study business. Iam currently in port Moresby thinking of starting a business that can provide fresh fruits and veggies from the Highlands to all the big and small shopping centers here at pom ,but i need more capital to start up the business. Please if u wanna help dont hesitate to email me or WhatsApp me 67574287011.

        Thank you.

  21. Siniva Naimo says

    My name is siniva naimo and I need a financial help to run my small business to help pay my children” school fees. Thanks.
    My email address is and my contact number is 74445283/ 78551058

  22. Alfreda Valaun says

    Hi, I’m an ex-primary school teacher from East New Britain. I’m starting up my play school next year but my planned budget isn’t enough to cater for all my expenses.
    This human resource service is not available in my community therefore I’d like to start up one .
    I’m in dire need right now in terms of assistance (finance). Where could I get support?

  23. Hi i am very much interested and would like to start up a new travel agent,I have experience in the Travel industry for More than 5 years now and i have established client contact and relationship over the years while workung for other companies.Due to the demand in that industry clients have been contacting me for my services, however i am in desperate need for assistance in start up capital to get things going.

    Anyone willing to help and need partnership can email me.

  24. Relvie Ulagaras says

    Hi im Relvie Ulagaras at Kokopo,i have a taxi service operating within Kokopo town and would like to get another cab.

  25. Hi there. I’m Simeon. I’m a health worker in Eastern Highlands. I see the need for access to quality medical equipment and consumables for health workers in the province. I would like to seek assistance to build an e-commerce site to retail medical equipment and consumables to our health workers who lack essential tools. Please let me know here.

  26. Francis Ipu says

    I am looking for help on funds and advice how to start up my coacoa project in Kairuku Central Province.

    My name is Francis Ipu
    Phone# 71492101

  27. Hanscliffe Koni says

    Hallow Sir/madam

    I whom interested in business wanna start up my PMV run business at Wau Bulolo highway and need help of some good information if you can share with me.
    Please am in need .

  28. Vincent Kabaiyah says

    Hello, I have a sawmilling business which is currently in operation. I find it hard to expand with little income. I need capital equipments to help increase operations. I also prefer to do exports of timbers but need financial assistance.
    My contacts for whoever is interested to assist:

    • Raymond Dalla says

      Vincent, are you still milling timbers today?

      I am Raymond Dalla and I also intending to venture into similar project. We can share ideas.

      My gmail address is
      Hope to hear from you soon.



  29. My name is Susan G. Midave (Nee Kere), I am a Widow. I am currently seeking for finance to help me to run a small business to look after my kids go to school in Port Moresby.
    Contact # 72204574
    I await to hear from one of your officers.
    Thanks Susan G. Midave (Nee Kere)

  30. Michael Kwalimu says

    I wish to start up a business that will support my people in the Rigo Inland district by building swinging bridges and walkways.

    33 years of working experience In Engineering and Fabrication, prompts me to start up something that will benefit the people in this remote part of Central Province.

    Politicians after Politicians come and go but there is no real development seen in this area.
    Lack of land transportation, airstrips e.t.c has been a long lasting issue since independence 54 years ago.
    They find it so difficult during heavy rains especially when children are travelling with them.
    It takes almost a week of walking from Boku or Wiga villages to MT Brown villages.

    A great need of genuine support is certainly at this time.

    Thank you,
    Michael Kwalimu
    Training Officer – Ok Tedi Mining Limited.

  31. Milton Raire Bayu says


    My name is Milton I am from Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea.

    I am very much interested in venturing into Real Estate, Transport and Vegetable Mart and need funding of approximately K100,000.00 to make the initial start.

    Any financially secured Papua New Guinean or an internationally individual want to partner with me can contact me on mobile (+675) 71504876 or email for further discussion.


  32. Eduardo Jr says

    Hi Everyone,

    Good day!

    We are a small Internet Company in the Philippines and we are considering doing an overseas company in the PNG.

    Anyone interested about this possible joint project?
    We do have the technology already.

    Communicate with me at


  33. Alfred Paul Kiandu says

    I’m from Scorpion Real Estate. I operate a small Real Estate Business Management Company based in Lae Morobe Province.
    I’m currently trying to expand my business as there is alot of opportunities available but funding is my main obstacle.
    I’m currently seeking any private financial investment partners to assist me with funding to expand my Real Estate Business Assets Portfolio.
    You can contact me on Digicel# 70939537 Bmobile# 76487781 or Email for further information.

    • man go get from banks, like westpac or bsp, you have property as your assets that can help you to get loan.

  34. Hi, I have seen that most people in rural and remote villages need essential services to be provided to them.

    I need legit investors that are willing to invest in business projects that we have. Myself and my brother have a good number of project ideas that lack capital to start with.

    Therefore, we are seeking for legit investors who can agree to provide funding and machinery whilst we provide employment and management of the services that will be rendered.

    Contact me via my email if you are an interest legit investor.
    Thank you.


  35. Bilak Rochus says


    Iam a Lihir based entrepreneur who needs assistance in a new start up of my family business associated with Lihir Gold Project. I have a registered company but needs establishing.
    My contact is or mobile contact is 675 72979178
    Bilak Rochus

  36. Hi, i have a registered cargo clearing business but only do one off jobs more likely no clients in 4-5months, please help me promote my business inorder to do business at an everyday level.

    Also, I have new ideas for business within NCD but have no capital. Looking for investors for my new ideas that can benefit NCD city residents.


  37. Great website!!
    I’m from New Ireland, I need sb to work with- I’m planning of starting a transit business near Kavieng town, as this has a very high demand in area.

  38. Densie Sioni says

    Please email me as I desperately need to speak to someone that can help me

  39. Densie Sioni says

    My husband and I are into starting up a canteen, fuel bouser and a liquor shop which will be convenient to all those who travel from the very remote areas of East Coast Namatanai, the perfect location is a stopover for all commuters travelling to Namatanai town and back, thus we see it is a perfect idea to have this set up.

  40. Clive Tamur says

    I NEED someone to assist me in running a taxi business, which currently I own two cars but need help on how to start or raise a capital. MY idea is that I’m will to register under any Taxi company but because of lack of financial problems to register my cars , I’m looking for ways and I really need help.

    Thank you.

  41. I am a SME based in Lae involved in the Offset Printing for the last four solid years now. However I am still struggling due to insufficient capital. Market is not a problem in my operation however, due to competition bigger printing companies are attracting most clients by offering them 30 days credit facilities whilst I cannot do so due to limited funds. Have been seeking funds or seeking financial loans however, I do not meet the requirements or criteria of the banks.

    I need printing facilities and operating capital only otherwise market won’t be a problem.

    Need assistance here

    Please contact me on this email address:

  42. Jerry Oa nicholas says

    Hi, am Jerry Nicholas, a small enterpruner like everyone, I am currently running a small some business in supporting accounting systems, support business that takes accounting and reporting to the next level using the platforms already on the market,I assist my current client in Sage Accounting 300 system. Also other programmes like myob, quickened end etc.

    However I cannot grow my business due to client base, I am looking for clients I can assist to develop, and I can grow and develop an organizational reach its potential from, budgets, procument, purchases, accounts payable, AR work flows for approvals and onto the Bank and general ledgers, fixed assets, all computerised accounting system that is automated.

    I have all this and can do, but need clients, can a investor, client assist me to grow my business and in return I can assist in setting up a system more transparent controlled and result orientated, on real time accounting and mamagement.

    I really do not need a capital, all I need is a Clent or clients wanting to cuputetized their accounting operations and I can assist setup & recommend the right tool to use for the size of your organizational.



    • Joshaia Henry says

      Hi Jerry,

      Not really sure which market you’re targeting here but hope you’ve set up a consulting firm of your own and started going into business already with your accounting service.

      Potential business you’ve got

  43. Basil Peutalo says

    I am interested to know more about what Dr.David Martin had said here:

    ‘It’s far better,’ he tells Business Advantage PNG, ‘that they get supply agreements. The focus needs to be on the purchasing side.’

    Can I contact Dr. David Martin directly for this? Thank you.

  44. Basil Peutalo says

    I live in the rural area of Pomio District, East New Britain Province. I have been engaging with our local people here who are mostly cocoa and coconut farmers. They have also tried their hands on other cash crops such as chili, vanilla, cardamom…following encouragement from DPI’s in the 1980’s. These cash crops have fallen through due to usual complaints of lack of market support, road and communication. These areas also have been vastly logged out by foreign loggers. Main cash crops of cocoa and copra have been struggling to get up; that is, those from the family blocks. Efforts now are in place for bigger productions. I am more interested in the family blocks. I have been engaging with these families by buying their cocoa beans either wet or dried. I processed these cocoa beans and coconuts for my own products – cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa pod compost, coconut flour, coconut candy, coconut yoghurt, coconut charcoal. It is interesting and it proves that it can be done and I can do it. I have drafted a business plan and have been looking for funds to get this started up along business (sme) way. Traditional financial lenders do not consider my business concept viable/profitable to pay off their loan moneys. Where or who can help me to start up these alternative avenues for rural cash crop farmers please?

  45. Grace Sauka says

    I have owned a piece of land that is situated on a hill top that over look the spectacular view of the seadler harbour in Manus, I want to do develop and built a small accommodation facilities to cater for VIPS and or any business investors into Manus. I believe that when this place is set up, it will be one of the beautiful place to stay if you are a traveller, Business Investor, Government officials or tourists for that matter. You will love the view and the cool breez and watch the famous Manus bird ‘Chauka’ singsing. Please contact me on 74395928, I need support to start me off the ground.

  46. May Alisha BASAUSAU says

    Hi, I have recently started a printing business using sublimation on tshirts, caps, plates, mugs, cups, etc using a heat press machine. I have supplied a few customised printed mugs and did some sales at the recent Manus Provincial Day here in POM however I am struggling to secure at least one or 2 big/corporate clients. I have yet to register my business but starting small is the right way to go.
    If any investors willing to assist in my SME, it would be greatly appreciated.
    My contacts: or

    I am open for ideas, suggestions in any way that will assist me with my SME.

  47. Raymond Kiki says

    Apart from the 6 business ideas that i have, i have gone ahead with the setting up of Security Company by business name registration however got stuck up with insurance and start up capital for operational cost and logistics. I have experience in the PNG security industry for 9 years now and i have established client contact and relationship over the years while workung for other companies.Due to the demand in that industry clients have been contacting me for my services, however i am in desperate need for assistance in start up capital to get things going.

    If there investors out thers who are interested in partnership please do not hesitate to contact me asap.

    Contacts: +67575725150



    • Theo Fitzgerald Momong says


      Bro please contact me on the following for open up conversation and start from there on.



      Contact: (675) 75576331/70743064/7224596

  48. Mohamed Hasan Adnan says

    I used to work for telecommunication company in PNG between 2016-18 and I see lots of opportunities in ICT sector to develop in PNG. Due to the lack of IT manpower in the PNG, the country is way behind the technology and the ICT sector is developing at very slow pace. I have business plan to uplift the ICT services (data/voice/video/OTT) for businesses in PNG and i am looking for an investor to tap in to the ICT sector in PNG.
    Interested investors kindly contact me on

  49. Marti Karikara says

    I have identified couple of business opportunities since I moved in to Bulolo. Actually, I have done several business plan/proposals and are all piled up in my pc. Capital start up is the only problem here, can someone enlighten me with bright ideas?

  50. Robert buka says


    Hi, I desprately need your kind assistance
    Please email me.

  51. Leonie Oeri says

    As a single parent with babysitting issues and lack of support from my family, I would very much like to venture into online business where I can work at home & raise my kids at the same time. However, I only need financial assistance to purchase a laptop & set up my site. I would really appreciate if any good samaritan could assist me to start up.

  52. Waibo Sibili says

    An inspirational story of humble beginnings as do great things occur. I have set up a community based development association which needs funding to keep it’s programs going. It is IPA and IRC registered. Please do contact for better networking to see potential donors to drive the initiatives that are planned. Hit me on

  53. Raymond Kiki says


    I currently have 6 different business ideas and i have been knocking on doors for families and friends assistance to start up. Nothing has turned right however i am still pushing day by day to get up on my 2 feet, stand and slowly take a walk. It took me 2011 till 2019 to keep crawling nothing matter what.

    All i need is an investor.
    Please connect me with people if you know of.


    • Nadeem Mirza says

      Hi Raymond,
      I am a UK investor looking for viable projects in PNG. Please send me a detailed proposal.
      Thank you.

      • Hi Nadeem, I used to work for Digicel in PNG between 2016-18 and i foresee lots of opportunities in the ICT field. The regulatory have recently liberalised the telecom sector and it is a right time to invest in ICT sector in PNG.

        • Raymond Kiki says

          Hi Nadeem,

          Please send contact me on my email as soon as you see this message. Cheers

          • Bruce Jiling says


            My name is Bruce and I am looking for someone to partner, in transport and fresh produce. There is a good opportunity on hand but I am struggling with start up capital. Do we have any venture capitalists in PNG or overseas partners so we can partner.

            Please contact me on +675 71967951 or email:


      • Raymond Kiki says

        Hi Nadeem,

        Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to step up business PNG. Stated here are my contact details; Mobile +67575725150, Email: Shoot me an email or give me a call for further discussion and project details.

        Your response is highly appreciated and i look forward to hearing from you soon.

        Kind Regards

  54. Emmanuel Yangis says

    I would like to seek clients especially Technical Schools, Health Centers, CBOs, FBOs and other Districts and ward projects who desperately need funds but have been limited to the DSIP funds that we can write proposals, do surveying, design and planning of your project and send it to the right dona. Your project will be successful if you meet certain requirements as auditors reports and land title in your organization or district. For more information please do email me on

  55. Al-Omega Accounting says

    This is a very interesting Blog/website. Truly Papua New Guineans have the Potential to do business and be successful. Most writers wrote of needing capital to start up their business.
    this is indeed a big problem for start-ups. We at Al-Omega Accounting & Advisory Services Ltd assist clients to start-up a business, do bank/finance proposal (cash flow forecast), train new small to medium entrepreneurs on how to use the MYOB Accounting program and continue to mentor, guide, advise and grow their business. We also do Registration of New business or company with Investment Promotion Authority(IPA) and Taxation with the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) for more information you can contact us on Ph: 325 3148 or 728 543 99 or Email:
    Please LIKE us on Facebook. Al-Omega Accounting 25 years in PNG. 100% locally owned

    • Vincent Wriken says

      Please am very much interested can you contact me on my email address.

    • Robert Hegoi says

      Al-Omega Accounting & Advisory Services Ltd I am interested to know more about the business opportunities in PNG and possibly start up a business. I want more information hence I am providing my email address:

    • Hubert Tseraha says

      Hi everyone,just seeking piece of advise.My interest is into properties or affordable quality standard housing.Im a young Bougainvillean and for 2 years I have built a standard 2bed room house fully furnished, installed with 2 split unit air-cons.For a year there was no client until recently an expatriate moved in. Im trying to built another house(2 units) but out of the rental money i see there will be not enough to built the new building so seeking advise what can i do with this monthly rental money I get to do the actual work of constructing. Theres demand in housing here in Buka,Arob with foreigners and visitors travelling in for holidays,busniesses..etc.

      My email address: Ph: 70356955

  56. Tiri thats excellent staff its an answer to many confused pngians. we have been fooled and deprived in our own land not actually knowing what to do with this life.

    i support you and i will advise all i meet who are willing and eager to start up business

  57. I desperately need guys out there who wish to come onboard supplying machinery and plant equipment to few mine sites in png. you would have direct dealings with Landowners. Disclose full information to interested investors. its always a win win situation

    prefer big investors abroad

    Mob: 675 74480576

  58. I am an entrepreneur and thinking of starting a small business for selling of mud crab for local people and looking for buyers. I have the manpower and source..
    Please if you are interested than please respond.

  59. Gladness Soalixa says

    How can you be contacted?i need help

    • abdulrahmanataulla says

      Thanks very much for your fast reply and your interest to help my
      client invest his funds in your home country i must say i am very much
      impressed by you and for this reason i am very sure that you can help
      my client and guide him through this business.
      All my client will be needing from you is to guide him on how to
      invest his funds and also on which sector of business that will be
      very lucrative for him to invest his funds
      contact me via

  60. Tau Gele says

    I have always dreamt of owning a small business like a laundry mart or house keeping, Something simple to start with so I registerd a business ( Vehicle Detailing Services) My only problem is I don’t have a workshop space to carry out services and no clients yet..

    You can contact me on 7310 7771 or for more information.

  61. Hi,thanks everyone in taking this opportunity to start this new year with a high note.
    Actually I’m Mr Kingston a young enthusiastic self started person in Alotau that I would like to share with any interested firm or individual into taking the risk in working as partner’s to start a small business. Ive did scoping and any other required feasibility studies into the structure and mechanism to where and how to flow and do spin off or recovery to this business opportunity with very much 100% net profit tenure. That’s the reason why I’m openly looking for an interested business minded person to fall implace with seed capital to get this off the ground.
    I can be reached with my gmail,
    Mobile#: 72500903
    If you are interested
    Thanks very much for you quick response

  62. Currently I have a poultry house here in East New Britian which I sell the meat birds. I am dealing with competitions from other farmers and also there are delays in people getting the birds on credit basis.

    I decided, I would start selling my birds online and delivering on customer request. The idea I desire to pursue is in this business is I want to own a mini small scale slaughter house to produce de-feathered, cleaned and packed whole.

    I need advise on how to acquire such which I believe is a new concept in this area.
    I need some assistance please


  63. Hayne Charlie says

    I have been thinking of starting a business like local food to order from either Mt.Hagen or ifrom growers
    here in PortMoresby.
    I do not have the capital as yet to purchase a big vehicle and building for storage.But i do have the Land rightfully belonging to me in my village.My village is just 20km away from POM.
    It is one of the LNG villages in Moresby north west.
    I need help and advice.

  64. Hi all,
    Very encouraging and motivating going through some of the posted comments and 9 out of 10 is start up capital in cash is unavailable for most entrepreneurs. Perhaps we need some savings or turn some assets to cash to kick start the nature of business we are trying to venture into and seek financial institutions input might be the way to go. Just my thoughts.

  65. nellie kawo says

    Tour Guide I am awaiting my first client but right now I need some investors who can trust me to grow this business . Contact me on my gmail if you are serious

  66. Samuel Tia says

    I am thinking of setting up a metal recycling site somewhere suitable and thinking of cleaning/removing all the metal scraps in this city. My aim is to set up a recycling site for metals and export it to other countries.
    Please do advice me on more on what to do.

  67. I have been advicing lot of young and grown ups to go into small business for free. But I pity them having no startup capital. However there are some who took up the challenge with no capitals or very small capital and now they are in business. It depends on what business you are interested in but I believe in starting small and be consistent.

  68. Joy Go says

    I am looking for any interested parties looking to venture in retail (general merchandise); LED lights and / or tailoring. I am selling my business.

  69. Roderick Mandau says

    I am thinking of starting up a Mud Crab Venture that will be supplying the local market & exporting as well some of the best known Mud Crabs in PNG from my local West Coast Tigak area (specifically in Tome).
    I guess my biggest issue currently is start up capital to kick start the venture. My estimates on capital needed will be about K5,000 that will take care of about 3 x 100 kg of mud crabs from Kavieng to POM to sell and export after which the cost of freighting will be K2,700 ( the reminder will act as buffer for unforeseen circumstances that might impede on the start up processes.
    After export and selling to buyers I will be looking at an estimated revenue of K10,500 from the 3 shipments.
    Any interested persons of the venture who want to be a partner and/or support can get in touch with me on 7125 9425, 7373 8800 or 3234288 or better still email:
    I need support and Advise please.

  70. Hosea Malai says

    I have an abundance supply of kwila hardwood on my traditional land which is on a Timber Permit Area(TPA) authourtiserd by the Forestry Department.I also have a sawmill and wish to supply kwila hardwood to potential buyers.Anyone interested please contact me on my gmail.

  71. Richard Puara says

    I purchased a vacant customary land in late 2016 from legitimate landowners at Motukea close to Motukea International Port. I applied for free hold title through Land Title Commission in mid 2017 and my title was only granted last month.

    By doing so, I started a company to be engaged in logistics and storages since I have the asset. I recently approach financial institutions like BSP to mortgage my title and seek for a loan to develop the land and a small start up capital but their response was that I need to have a steady cash flow to maintenance the repayment even I mortgage the Title.

    Please can you assist me by giving some options available where I can undertake to secure start up capital…

  72. jerry mainao says

    I want to run a texi business here in Lae due to the demand but don’t know how to start and need help here. please can someone who involve in texi business help on how to go about starting it
    70599586 is my nubber

  73. Richard Wakore says

    I have a registered business in the construction industry, I have currently won a tender in one of the Government Department worth K400, 000.00. But due to Government lack of funding the agencies doesn’t get its funding share yet, and will take time. But I wanted to complete the work,
    Therefore for am looking for any possible partner to assist me with finance, will double his share in return.
    Interested parties please contact me #72199418/72459701

  74. Francis Saliau says

    I am into different business of finance company,multimedia production running general education livelihood training programs and writing community based plans for locals to seek funding from donor agencies but don’t have a start up capital. Could you assist me with some advice and a start up capital to put me on my legs. I can be contacted on 675 71578273 or 70115587 or reach me on my

    • Philomena O.Saliau says

      I run a multi-media production company called Visual Link in Port Moresby , however how do I seek funding or capital to assist with purchasing additional equipment for the company.

      On the other hand I have a huge land that I would like to put up something but again need funding
      Email me for more Info: Phone: 7448 8694

  75. I am currently established as a computer repair company here in Bougainville. I really need advice in terms of capital to advance my business further in order to cater for my client demand. I really need aid here to further this IT service here to the next level accordingly.

    Please email me on:
    Phone#: 79767222

  76. Daisy Henry says

    I specialize in eco friendly high quality cocentrated perfume oils and natural organic pure facecare oils and treatments which I have been doing for the past 6yrs and wish to bring the concept to PNG however, I would like to ask your advise if there is a need of a product or service the market demands for and not available in PNG?
    Kindly advise or email: or phone: 0413 768 913.
    Thank you
    Daisy Henry.

  77. I have land around Nadzab area which is about 45 minutes drive from Lae and it is a prime location. It is situated just at the back of the airport. This location is really good to set up a lodge or a guest house for traveling passengers or others. However, the problem is start up capital.

    Please, I need advice.

  78. Ruth Wamsa says

    I have k3000 and really wanted to start up a god bar.I saw a place for rent but no capital.l really wanted some capital for set up.any ideas.

    • Timothy Molbaten says

      Find a partner. Visit some busy clubs and ask for the owner. After that introduce to him the spot. And let him asses and he will make his final word.

  79. My hubby has been working for a security firm for over a year now and whilst working came across so many good clients that have asked him to let go of his job and start up one for himself so they can become his clients but the problem is the start up capital. We have asked families and friends but to no avail. I believe security business is a very good one and would not want to let this opportunity pass us by. Anyone out there able to assist us with our problem? Thank you.

  80. Olisha Wesley says

    Any one who has a second hand Lukas mill on sale around port Moresby. I would like to purchase. Please email me. email: thanks

    • Trevor Guise says

      Hi l know you’re after a mobile saw mill but what are you really into with the timber milling? Local requirements, export etc ???


  81. Dianne Kasokason says

    I found a business that has a huge potential to set one up financially for life but requires funds. Obviously the banks can’t loan you the funds you need for Start Ups so basically one has to borrow from family and friends. The fact that everyone I know is strapped for cash, the question is do I let this huge potential pass me by and be like everyone else I know or find the help I need to get ahead in life? I choose option 2, so I
    I am just putting it out there should there be anybody who has the resources and is not afraid to take risks than please do contact me via my gmail.

    • Hi Dianne.
      Has someone already contacted you? What kind of business do you want to commence & where is your location? I might be interested as a partner

  82. Alfred Paul Kiandu says

    I’m a aspiring young entrepreneur. I’m seeking business partners who has the financial capacity to partner with me to start and operate a coffee buying,processing and export business. I see there is a big potential in this business. If interested and to discuss further you can contact me on Digicel # 72052412 or email to

  83. Danny Tanakae says

    My tribe has a large hectar of land with mature pine trees but we lack advise as on how to venture into investment opportunities with this asset on hand. We held in meeting to open up an a youth group association and integrate our asset into use in investment ways. We lack advise.
    Thank you

  84. Asi Ibusubu says

    I raised some money around K100, 000 to start up my finance company for low income earners. I have registered the company but need technical advise to setup administration and runs it. I also need someone to write up my company proposal, cashflows and business profile and start up so that commission will be given. Can someone has the skills to assist me? Please then contact me on Digicel no. 73821852 or email me on

  85. Thank you for sharing. I am looking for a local partner with on a number of businesses into health; agriculture; management consultancy; pharmacy; mining; gas and oil. I have a registered business
    Interested parties contact me by email

  86. Nelco Wai says

    Do we have any venture capitalists in PNG? Is there someone who have the resources and dares to take the risk. I have many good ideas and proposals but cannot find the one whom I can partner with to venture into. Please if there is someone who wants to take the risk let me know. My email is or contact me on 675 79442180

  87. Jeremy Kawage says

    I started Pacific Drainage Solution a company that is specialised in Drainage system and I started with no money,no vehicle nothing.I went to the bank with my first sub-contract agreement to asking for a small start up capital but was refuse because I have not done any transaction.
    Now I am at the bank again because I need some little help from the Bank to help me with my second contract.
    For me I see alot of our fellow brothers and sisters have potential ideas but the problem is start up capital.
    I am never giving up

  88. Allan Wawah says

    Developing my registered land, titled with 38 hectares area has been really challenging for me. This is because I lacked financial capacity to start up and expand.

    I am also interested to strike a joint venture with any business firms in the area of agriculture, livestock, housing, tourism or conservation but it has been also difficult to identify potential and genuine investors.

    Hence, advise how I can go about I can be supported.

  89. Allan Wawah says

    I am a young entrepreneur in Madang Province. I have registered land with legal title. The current market valuation of my land equates to about PGK500,00 according to a local valuer in Madang Province, PNG. It is situatated about 20 minutes drive from Madang town towards the south coast. The land is suitable for agriculture, livestock, housing and other related development. Although I have registered a business name, I lack financial capacity to start up my proposed small business.

    Please advise how I can be supported.

    Thank you.

  90. Leo Kaptigau says

    The sad reality for startups and young entrepreneurs is the lack of financial and non financial venture capital in Papua New Guinea. Companies or potential venture capitalists unwilling to risk investment in startups. Whether you need money or not, any startup still develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that will have to attract a venture capital investor either financial or non financial to take the next step up. That again should also depend on the environment and ecosystem a startup in PNG can scale. I personally see lots of opportunities in the AgroTech or Agro commodity market, which is a growing within the South East Asia particularly our neighborhood Indonesia who tops Asia in this sector. One particular startup is iGrow a startup focusing on connecting farmers, landowners and venture capitalist who are not farmers or landowners but can see the investment opportunity in agriculture. PNG should learn a lot from this.

  91. Johnny Kolkia says

    I was hoping that I will start my law Firm with some capitals that I expected to recieve but I waited and it never eventuate. I could not run to the bank for a loan or even allow others who saw the potential to invest in my Firm and wanted to do so but I refused their offer, simply because I didn’t want pressure from such persons.

    So I started small with absolutely nothing . No start up capital, no nothing but I believe that I can make it coz am very forcused on my goals. It’s really tough but am still sailing though.

  92. I am into on line store marketing, selling authentic PNG bilums, I spent almost K6000 plus to start this business. purchased electronic equipment, plus thousand kina worth of bilums from Lae Market. And I still have not fully update or fix, pay my bills on line. I still need more money to really furnished this business. I believed I will fix this soon.

    • Hi you seriously need to market your items. If you interested I can help sale your items in Manus.

  93. Jerome Tarcusy says

    I am a young Bougainvillean. I have plan to start up a Rental houses. I have a trees for timber and a land for building the houses. The problem is the capital to start a business. Can you help me in someways?

    My email:

  94. JEFFREY LASON says

    I am a young entreprenuer who has lately registered my building construction company and have no capital available for start up. I am here seeing it as an issue to me.

    I would like to know where I could get support.

  95. I am into publishing and business start-up training. The most common complaint of would-be entrepreneurs is lack of start-up capital.

    I show people how they can raise money from informal activities to start real businesses. I also tell people that banks will not lend to them because the banks don’t know them and their abilities to run businesses. Their best bet is to start on their own and go to the banks after they have established transaction records.

    I also talk to a lot of young people. My message to them is that jobs are scarce so being in business for themselves is a viable option. With technology, they can start with little start up capital and operational costs. Again, not being able to borrow should not hinder them.

    I am glad to hear that what I have been saying to people tallies with what Dr. David Martin and Roberta Morlin are reported to have stated.

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