Deloitte PNG opens Solomon Islands office


The Papua New Guinea branch of global consulting firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is opening a branch in the Solomon Islands capital, Honiara.

Deloitte's Barend Havenga

Deloitte Solomon Islands Country Director, Ben Havenga

‘We have in the last two weeks received our business registration in the Solomon Islands and our Country Director, Ben Havenga, has received advice that his work permit has been approved. All that means we are legally open for business,’ Lutz Heim,  Managing Partner of Deloitte PNG told Business Advantage PNG. ‘We will be hiring Solomon Islands based staff in the next few weeks and, where necessary, covering any shortfalls from PNG.’

Deloitte PNG is the latest in a long line of PNG-based companies – including BSP, Credit Corporation, the Lamana Group, New Britain Palm Oil Ltd and Bemobile – to set up business in PNG’s Melanesian neighbour.

‘We are entering the market in Solomon Islands because we believe there is a substantial market there for some of the services we offer in PNG to the state-owned entity and the private sector,’ said Heim. ‘We have identified a Country Director who has a superb background in providing these services. We believe the things that have worked for us in PNG, such as the promotion of home-grown talent plus the use of world class tools and methodologies, will work for us in the Solomon Islands as well.’



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