Five questions for: Andrew Barry, new Managing Director, ExxonMobil PNG


Papua New Guinea’s PNG LNG project has a new leader: Andrew Barry. ExxonMobil PNG’s new Managing Director speaks exclusively to Business Advantage PNG about the future of PNG’s largest resources project and the impact of lower global gas prices.

ExxonMobil PNG's Andrew Barry

ExxonMobil PNG’s Andrew Barry

Business Advantage PNG (BAPNG): What skills and experiences from other countries do you bring to your new role?

AB: I have 22 years’ international experience in the oil and gas industry working with ExxonMobil. Before I came to PNG, I was President of ExxonMobil Canada. In this capacity I was responsible for ExxonMobil’s production, development and exploration activities across Canada. I started my career in Australia and have also worked in Qatar in various engineering and LNG marketing roles.

BAPNG: What are your first impressions of Papua New Guinea?

AB: It’s amazing here. I’m very fortunate that my job has taken me to so many places in the world—and now I’m living in one of the most beautiful countries. There are a lot of places I want to see and things I want to do while I’m here.

‘Similar to other players in the industry, we will be affected. But these sorts of fluctuations are expected in a volatile industry such as ours.’

I am a Maroons supporter so I’m looking forward to spending time in a country that loves rugby [league] just as much as I do!

BAPNG: What will be your priorities in your first months in charge of ExxonMobil’s PNG operation? What changes, if any, are we likely to see?

AB: Our focus won’t change. I think ExxonMobil has created a very strong presence here in Papua New Guinea, under the guidance of Peter Graham, and I want to continue that and build on it even further.

We remain committed to safe and reliable production to meet our customers’ demands, to being a good neighbour. We continue to have growth ambitions for our business in Papua New Guinea and are actively exploring in the country.

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BAPNG: Global oil and gas prices have fallen markedly in recent months. How is this likely to affect ExxonMobil in PNG?

AB: Similar to other players in the industry, we will be affected. But these sorts of fluctuations are expected in a volatile industry such as ours. We don’t make investment decisions based on the high point in a price cycle—we look at investments over the long-term. Across the globe, ExxonMobil has a balanced portfolio across upstream, downstream and chemical businesses, and this positions us to continue to deliver results throughout the commodity price cycle.

In our particular case for PNG, we know that the demand for LNG is strong and we expect this will continue to be so over the next 20 to 30 years. Papua New Guinea is strategically well-positioned to supply the Asian markets where most of the demand growth will take place. Gas reserves are likely to grow with further exploration and appraisal drilling and, along with strong demand, this gives us confidence for the future.

BAPNG: What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

AB: I am now part of a project which is showing the world what Papua New Guinea is capable of delivering. I really want to continue to build our presence in Papua New Guinea, and I’m keen to see that the project benefits the people of Papua New Guinea.


  1. Jonathan John says

    Oil and gas industry in PNG is very exciting but most of the students of Hela Province should be sponsored under protons equity under PNG LNG Exxon Mobil, [from a] student at the University of PAPUA NEW GUINEA studying Bachelor in Comprehensive hazards and risks management.

  2. PNG is an exciting project. We need more of these kind of project, large, challenging, yet very profitable.

    • steven talewa says

      I am very interested in reading some of the development taken place in hela province n png as well.thankyou Andrew B n ExxonMobil director of LIFE CARE PNG SERVICES.HELA PROVINCE

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