In brief: Negotiations with Twinza Oil still ongoing and other business stories


Negotiations for Twinza Oil’s Pasca A still ongoing, ANZ continues to waive fees for online transactions to 10 Pacific countries and Bank South Pacific implements a ‘no mask, no entry’ policy. The news in brief.

Map of Twinza Oil site in Gulf of Papua


Petroleum Minister Kerenga Kua told The National that negotiations with Twinza Oil for the Pasca A project in the Gulf of Papua are ongoing. He said that ‘patience is important to all sides’, adding that the project ‘could take a few years to negotiate an agreed position.’


During the four-week isolation strategy that commenced on Monday in PNG, Bank South Pacific (BSP) will continue to operate as usual but it will observe stringent COVID-19 measures.

‘Our branches will continue to provide essential customer service while controlling entry access into our branches,’ said CEO Robin Fleming. BSP has declared a ‘no mask, no entry’ policy across all branches. (The National)


Online foreign currency payments made from Australia and New Zealand into 10 Pacific nations, including PNG, Fiji and the Solomon Islands, will continue to be free for ANZ customers until 21 September 2021. Remittances make up about 25 per cent of a household’s disposable income in the Pacific. ANZ reported that, in February, ANZ Australia and New Zealand customers sent A$12 million dollars (K32 million), a 33 per cent increase in value compared with the same period last year. (LOOP PNG)


Jacksons International Airport became a battlefield on Monday, when guards from rival security firms clashed. The airport’s main entrance, pot plants and some security systems were damaged. (FM100)

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Prime Minister Marape said in a statement that the government will investigate the incident. ‘NAC, as a State Agency, must rise above this sort of nonsense, because work place safety is important for travellers, business and the community,’ he said.

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