Kina Finance launches first non-bank EFTPOS card


Kina Group has launched Papua New Guinea’s first non-bank EFTPOS cash card.


Kina Finance’s Syd Yates (l) at the launch of the Esiloan cash card

Kina has partnered with Westpac Banking Corporation to use its mobile banking platform to provide access for card customers to all EFTPOS terminals and ATMs the country.

Kina’s existing 6000 EsiLoan customers will be receiving the new cash cards over the next couple of weeks.

‘This will be of great benefit for them and we are extremely excited,’ says Syd Yates, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Kina Finance.

‘The Esiloan Cash card will give our customers more flexibility and freedom in how they use their EsiLoan funds.’

Anytime funds are deposited into a customers’  account, they will get an SMS telling them how much has been credited to the account and what the balance is, according to Yates.

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