Marape Government survives challenge; 2021 budget passed again


After a month of political jousting, the Marape government yesterday survived an Opposition challenge in Papua New Guinea’s Parliament and has apparently legally passed the 2021 National Budget.

Parliament Haus. Credit: BAI

Eighteen MPs from the Opposition, including former Deputy Prime Minister Sam Basil, returned to the government benches in Parliament yesterday, effectively ending the Opposition’s attempt to introduce a vote-of-no-confidence in Prime Minister James Marape and propose Patrick Pruaitch as alternative Prime Minister.

With government numbers restored, the 2021 National Budget was finally passed legally. This followed a first attempt on 17 November, which was last week ruled unconstitutional by PNG’s Supreme Court.

In a statement following yesterday’s sitting, a victorious Prime Minister Marape called for political stability.

‘Today in compliance to court direction, we sat in parliament and pass [sic] budget for 2021 and 70 Honorable MPs are now with me going back to our government retreat base.

‘To those who moved and got back, I ask our citizens to understand them, they had work issues with me hence they left, we have reconciled and they are back.’

Parliament has now been adjourned until 2pm on 20 April 2021.

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However, the Opposition has flagged legal proceedings, announcing that ‘an urgent Application is being filed in the Supreme Court that will seek the Recall of Parliament to process the Motion for a Vote of No Confidence.’

New National Executive Council ministries are expected to be announced later today.

While additional legal surprises are always possible, the Marape government appears to have bought itself time to deal with some of the outstanding issues that business would like to see resolved as a priority, including the reopening to the Porgera gold mine, the advancement of the Papua LNG and Wafi-Golpu projects, reforms to PNG’s state-owned enterprises, and changes to the regulatory framework for mining, oil and gas and foreign investment.


  1. 10 years of the Marape Government without interfence from Australia will make a massive difference especially with help from China instead of propaganda about China being spread by Lowy Institute in Australia. China will help to bring PNG to the top. and Independent like it should have been 30 years ago Work together and getting to the top is easy.. dont forget is it PNG who owns the land and the gold No one else.

  2. Allan Wawah says

    Congratulations to our government, PM JM, his loyal MPs and the other defection team from the opposition. You have made most PNGeans proud by defeating a posibble VoNC. The general public’s actions during the stand off prior to VoNC indicated the current government is admired and doing the right things. Changes can not happen overtime but positive results can be attained within longer periods of time, patience and good leadership.

    Take back PNG is our mission and being industrialized with happy, educated and healthy population is PNG’s ultimate vision/dream. All PNGeans are encouraged to team up and do our utmost best in changing the socioeconomic landscapes of our economy going forward.

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