People moves: MiBank, GoFood PNG, Forum Fisheries Agency


A new Director at MiBank, Chief Technology Officer appointed at GoFood PNG, Deputy Director-General of Forum Fisheries Agency appointed

Nationwide Microbank Limited (MiBank) has appointed Paul Nindipa as a Director of MiBank. Nindipa is a partner with NKA Chartered Accountants, and is currently on the Boards of Comrade Trustee Services Limited and the National Roads Authority.


IT entrepreneur and software developer Samson Korawali has been appointed Chief Technology Officer at GoFood PNG, a Port Moresby-based online and phone order and food delivery service.

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The new Deputy Director General of the Forum Fisheries Agency is New Zealander, Matthew Hooper, who takes over from Wez Norris mid-January. Hooper was raised in Tokelau Islands and was involved with the NZ Government’s Treaty of Waitangi negotiations with Maori tribes to enable a Maori fisheries management plan to be incorporated within the overall New Zealand fisheries management.



  1. Phillip Glanville says

    If this New Zealander was involved with the; Treaty of Waitangi, then he must be, at least, nearly 200 years old.
    tink tink bilon mi pela, tok bilon im, i alsem pec pec bilon bula ma kow!!!

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