People moves: SP Brewery, Anitua Group, Credit Corporation PNG, PNG Power, Ahi Local Level Government


SP Brewery announces a new Managing Director, new Chief Financial Officer and Chief Commercial Officer at the Anitua Group, PNG Power names Acting Chief Executive Officer, Credit Corporation PNG appoints a General Manager Property, and the Ahi Local Level Government elects a President.

SP Brewery Ltd has welcomed Ed Weggemans as Managing Director. He takes over from Stan Joyce, who is retiring.


The Anitua Group has appointed Patrick Doekes as Chief Financial Officer and Terry Bourke as Chief Commercial Officer. Bourke has become Anitua’s first Chief Commercial Officer.


PNG Power’s Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Douglas Mageo as Acting Chief Executive Officer. Mageo replaces Carolyn Blacklock, who resigned last week.


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Malcolm Kalo has been announced as the new President of the Ahi Local Level Government (LLG).


Brent St Hill has been appointed General Manager Property at Credit Corporation PNG.

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