Poll: how will your business be affected by a stronger Papua New Guinea currency?


Last week, the Papua New Guinea’s central bank acted to raise the value of the nation’s currency against the US dollar by around 20%. What affect will a stronger kina have on your business? Tell us in the poll below.

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  • View our news report on the bank’s intervention here.


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  1. This shock revaluation is bad for agriculture as the Kina incomes of all producers of export crops have been instantly slashed by 20%.

    Whilst imported purchases will gradually come down in price farmers will have less Kinas
    to pay for these imports Therefore the effect on businesses dependent on agriculture will
    not benefit.

    Now there are concerns over the difficulty in paying overseas suppliers as the banks seem
    to short of USD/AUD etc to pay overseas import bills.

    One does wonder what result the Bank of PNG hoped to achieve.

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