Six reasons to attend Innovation PNG 2019


Innovation PNG 2019 will bring together senior government leaders, innovators and experts to educate, inspire and network.

On 8 November, Innovation PNG 2019 will bring together senior government leaders (including Papua New Guineas’s Prime Minister James Marape and Communications Minister Rainbo Paita), local innovators and international experts to educate, inspire and network.

Here are six of the things we’re excited about:

  1. With the Coral Sea Cable System to be commissioned soon, PwC’s regional telecommunications leader, Mohammad Chowdhury, will explain how improved internet connectivity drives innovation.
  2. Keynote speakers will include innovation guru Pete Williams of Deloitte’s Centre for the Edge and Hewlett Packard’s Megatrends Ambassador Paul Burman.
  3. The real stars will be a dozen hand-picked innovators we have invited to give short, TED-style talks. These will include the winners of the inaugural Innovation PNG Awards, to be announced on the day.
  4. PNG’s finance companies are pioneer innovators. We’ll learn about Bank South Pacific’s digital strategy and how smaller finance companies are using technology to get a competitive edge. There will also be special focus sessions on agribusiness and education/training.
  5. We’ll learn about the PNG Government’s plans to foster innovation directly from Communications Minister, Rainbo Paita.
  6. Expert-run workshops on innovation and ‘demystifying technology’ will also help provide the skills and tools to help you foster more innovation in your organisation.

Together with an Expo Plus and a demonstration area focusing on the latest technology and know-how, Innovation PNG 2019 promises to be a lot of fun!

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