Review: Deli KC, Airways Hotel


Robert Upe reviews one of Port Moresby’s most popular upmarket hang-outs: Deli KC at Airways Hotel.

Aiways Hotel Italian buffet

Tasty spaghetti with fresh sauce pesto and cheese. Credit: Airways Hotel

Lately, there’s been quite a buzz about Deli KC, the casual eatery located poolside at Airways Hotel.

It has become a high point in the city’s dining landscape, a favourite meeting place for coffee, light snacks and Italian classics that is equally popular with locals, business executives and tourists.

Deli KC is named after Sir Kostas Constantinou, the chairman of Airways Hotel. It was his idea to start it in 2003.

The deli underwent a recent renovation (the old Vespa room is gone and is now a bakery and pastry room) and it’s now brighter, bigger and more modern.

The revamped menu retains old favourites such as the beef lasagne and the pasta with meatballs.

But there’s also a good selection of dishes ranging from appetiser-size bruschetta and minestrone to larger dishes of chicken parmigiana and scallop risotto.

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There’s a variety of interesting sandwiches and pizzas, too, including the impressive Pizza Royale with Scottish smoked salmon, lobster, pepperoni, anchovies, caviar and gold flakes (PGK65).

Vegetarian pasta and risotto are made on request.

The deli provides a showcase of PNG food and produce, including coffee, honey, homemade cakes, bread, cookies, pastries and pasta, as well as fresh fish and local lobster.

Be sure to look out for buffet specials. The regular seafood, salad and pasta buffet (PGK35) is very popular for lunch.

Hotel guests can access the deli via a secure lift and walkway. If you’re not staying at the hotel, drive to George Street for the easiest access.

Deli KC in brief

PHONE: +675 324 5200 (extension 3400)

OPEN: Daily 7am to 9pm

STYLE: Italian, part delicatessen, part bistro

GO-TO DISH: Lasagne with beef ragu, herbs and mozzarella

PRICES: Café latte PGK11; sandwiches from PGK18; pizza from PGK45; small dishes from PGK12; big dishes from PGK28.