Super ideas: how to build wealth in Papua New Guinea


PNG Now spoke with four of the largest superannuation fund’s executives and senior managers for the inside scoop into super.

Superannuation is a way to save money while you are working, so you have money to spend in retirement. The fund manager invests your money in a range of products such as shares, property and bonds to achieve maximum savings growth.

Nambawan Super is the largest investment fund in PNG. The managers polled by PNG Now are Chief Investment Officer David Kitchnoge (DK), Manager of Branch Operations Evangeline Taunao (ET), Chief Financial Officer Pochon Lili (PL), and Company Secretary Beverlyn Malken (BM).

What would you like to tell people about superannuation?

Nambawan Super

Nambawan’s Beverlyn Malken.

DK Super is long term. While there will be ups and downs (in investment growth), over the long term super should grow.

ET I’d encourage all people to build their super balances so they can live comfortably when they retire.

PL People should understand that fund performance is closely tied to economic conditions. Sometimes you have a bad year, but the good news is that when economies recover, we expect to see improved investment returns.

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What did you learn about super when you started working in the industry?

ET I discovered super features that I didn’t know existed, like housing advance. If I was aware of housing advance, I may have already bought my own home.

PL I learnt that super funds in PNG are subject to very strict rules and regulations, which are in place to protect the interests of members. The Bank of PNG ensures regulations are followed.

Also, all investment decisions are carried out in consultation with an independent licensed investment manager. In short, there are strong controls in place to ensure that members’ savings are safe.

BM I learnt that Nambawan Super is a nation builder because it invests in infrastructure and human capital, which are key economic pillars in PNG.

What advice would you give your 20-year-old self about savings and super?

Nambawan Super

Nambawan’s David Kitchnoge.

DK If you can save your money in super, then you can also save your money outside of super. Have the discipline to put away a small amount of money every fortnight.

BM Maximise your voluntary contribution.

What are your hottest savings tips?

DK Make your savings hard to access by using unlinked bank accounts or separate savings and loan accounts that you can’t simply access through your card or internet banking.

ET Live within your means.

PL Avoid getting into debt and increase your voluntary contributions as your future self will thank you for it.

BM Set a budget for daily expenses and stick to it.

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Did you know?

Super members can increase their employee contributions from six per cent up to a maximum of 15 per cent of their fortnightly gross salary as a voluntary contribution – and after contributing for five years can access these contributions to buy their home through housing advance.

The article ‘Super ideas: how to build wealth’ was first published in the August/September issue of PNG Now, PNG’s leading lifestyle magazine.


  1. Fred Posenu says

    I see superannuation as a way of forced investment and contributed to erosion of competition in the superannuation industry. No freedom of investment options for public and private sector workers as it is enforced by to law and the employers must deduct and send money to the superfunds. I feel if their are no such laws, many of the superfunds now riding on how interests would crumple.

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