Five questions for climate expert Professor Tim Flannery

The 2016 Paris Agreement, to which Papua New Guinea is a signatory, has committed governments across the globe to a low carbon future. What does that mean for business? Renowned climate expert Professor Tim Flannery tells Business Advantage PNG there will be enormous opportunities.

New Caledonia: vive la différence

With a new investment guide just published on New Caledonia, we find out what is happening in Papua New Guinea’s French-speaking Melanesian neighbour.

Spotlight: Aquaculture

Aquaculture is a potentially important industry for income generation and food security throughout many parts of Papua New Guinea. While exact statistics are difficult to come by, pond culture of carp, tilapia and rainbow trout has increased significantly in recent years. Over 10,000 farmers are engaged in the sector throughout inland areas with the value […]

Province in Focus: Western Province

The sky is the limit as Papua New Guinea’s remotest province sets off on a remarkable course of sustainable development. Also unofficially referred to as Fly River Province, PNG’s largest province by area is also one of its least developed. Vast, remote and with a population density of less than two people per square kilometre […]