Improvements to taxes and infrastructure crucial for Papua New Guinea SMEs, says Millennium Water MD

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) need a more supportive business environment in order to flourish and reach international markets, Millennium Water Managing Director, Achilles Peni tells Business Advantage PNG.

Australian companies optimistic about investing in Papua New Guinea but Reserve List poses a threat, say Business Council executives

Australian companies are optimistic about investing in Papua New Guinea says Philip Franklin, Head of the PNG branch of the Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council (APNGBC). But Peter Taylor, President of the Council, tells Business Advantage PNG that proposed changes to the Investment Reserve List is a concern for foreign investors.

Singapore emerging as a regional option for Papua New Guinea companies

Businesses in Papua New Guinea seeking to establish a presence in the Asian region are increasingly looking at Singapore as a stepping-stone to expand their market reach or increase their shareholder base. There is also growing interest from Singapore-based businesses looking at the PNG market.

Highlands Pacific shifts strategy to focus on controlling projects in Papua New Guinea

Highlands Pacific is expanding its focus from large projects and exploration, to controlling interests in smaller projects offering near term returns. Highlands Pacific Managing Director, Craig Lennon, tells Business Advantage PNG it is a response to market changes.

Policy flexibility needed for maturing mining industry says Nautilus Minerals CEO

Mineral deposits are becoming increasingly difficult to develop and the mining industry is looking to the Papua New Guinean Government to deliver flexible policies that will benefit a maturing industry, Nautilus Minerals Chief Executive Officer, Mike Johnston tells Business Advantage PNG.

Trukai to expand its Papua New Guinea rice production despite uncertainty, says CEO Worthington-Eyre

With the Papua New Guinean Government remaining tight-lipped on progression of its proposed rice policy, Trukai Industries is going ahead with the expansion of its rice business, Chief Executive Officer Greg Worthington-Eyre tells Business Advantage PNG.

How rural women can become Papua New Guinea’s agribusiness entrepreneurs

Women in rural Papua New Guinea are keen to engage in agribusiness but many have traditionally struggled to take leadership roles. That is beginning to change, Curtin University researcher Dr Gina Koczberski tells Business Advantage PNG.

The secret to fixing PNG’s coffee industry

‘Six month farmers’ are a big problem in Papua New Guinea’s coffee industry Tom Kukhang, the Coffee Industry Corporation’s (CIC’s) Chief Scientist tells Business Advantage PNG. But there is a solution.

K92 Mining brings Kainantu gold mine in Papua New Guinea back to life

K92 Mining is preparing for its first export of gold concentrate from Kainantu mine and plans to ramp up to full production around April this year, company Chief Operating Officer, John Lewins tells Business Advantage PNG.

Harmony keen to expand by exploring brownfield opportunities, says CEO Johannes van Heerden

Opportunities exist for brownfield expansion at the Hidden Valley mine, Johannes van Heerden, Chief Executive Officer of Southeast Asia for Harmony Gold, tells Business Advantage PNG. He believes this gives the company a competitive advantage in the region.