BeMobile in talks with Vodafone UK


The Independent Public Business Corporation says it is now talking directly with Vodafone UK to bring the global telecommunications giant to run BeMobile PNG.

Raj Deo, Acting CEO, BeMobile PNG. (Courtesy: Vodafone Fiji)

Raj Deo, Acting CEO, BeMobile PNG. (Courtesy: Vodafone Fiji)

The Fiji National Provident Fund has now confirmed it has withdrawn its offer to take up a 40 per cent shareholding in BeMobile, saying ‘certain conditions critical to the achievement of the business plan projections were not met’.

‘BeMobile is also negotiating with Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC) to increase IPBC’s shareholding in BeMobile and thereby increase PNG’s investment in and control of this important company,’ said company chairman, Syd Yates, who is currently in London.

‘With the assistance of IPBC, BeMobile has entered into interim arrangements with its current network equipment supplier to stabilise BeMobile’s network providing a better and more efficient service to the public.’

IPBC Managing Director, Wasantha Kumarasiri told EMTV talks are underway with Vodafone UK, adding that no proper reason or reasons were given, as to why FNPF and Fiji Vodafone cancelled their part of the agreement.

The board of BeMobile has appointed former Vodafone Fiji chief technology officer, Raj Deo as acting chief executive of the company.

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