Province profiles

National Capital District: Papua New Guinea Business Guide

The National Capital District (NCD) is Port Moresby. It is both a city and a district and the gateway to Papua New Guinea – the nation’s capital, centre of politics, trade and commerce. The city, which has become a growing and bustling metropolitan area, is dry, dusty and brown duringthe winter months, but is wet, humid and overgrown in summer. It is located on the southern coast of the country, surrounded by part of Fairfax Harbour.
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Milne Bay Province: Papua New Guinea Business Guide

Milne Bay Province takes in the land at the extreme eastern end of Papua New Guinea together with seven groups of islands; the Trobriands, Woodlark, Laughlan, Louisiade Archipelago, the Conflict Group, the Samarai Group and the D'Entrecasteaux Group. The names come from a variety of explorers from as early as 1660.
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Jiwaka Province: Papua New Guinea Business Guide

The name Jiwaka came about when the first two letters of Jimi, Waghi and Kambia were combined to make a portmanteau word. The province shares its borders with the Western Highlands, Chimbu and Madang provinces. It has three districts—Jimi, North Waghi and Anglimp-South Waghi—and two growing towns, Minj and Banz. Jiwaka was formed by an Act of Parliament in 2009. The centre of Jiwaka is the fertile Waghi Valley, which is surrounded by mountains.
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Enga Province: Papua New Guinea Business Guide

Enga is the highest and is the second most rugged province in Papua New Guinea. Most of the province is over 2000 metres above sea level, but there are also many valleys which feed into the two major river systems that drain the province: the Lagaip, a tributary of the Fly River, and the Lai, a tributary of the Sepik River.
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