Papua New Guinea businesses to provide core APEC services, says APEC CEO


Local Papua New Guinea businesses are expected to provide core services to ensure the success of the 2018 APEC summit in Port Moresby, says APEC Papua New Guinea Co-Ordination Authority CEO, Christopher Hawkins.

The APEC PNG Authority's Chris Hawkins

The APEC PNG Authority’s Chris Hawkins

Contracts to provide seven core services for APEC are expected to be carried out by PNG businesses, according to the CEO of the PNG APEC Co-Ordination Authority, Christopher Hawkins.

He has told a Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce briefing that the PNG government has no intention of doing ‘the work of business.’

‘We are currently appointing staff and releasing tender documents,’ he said.

‘Government will do what it does best: protocol, immigration, foreign affairs, and security. But when it comes to events, government will step back and let the private sector do what it does best.’

‘Up to 20,000 bilum bags may be required.’

The seven core activities include: transportation, venues interiors, providing audio-visual, hospitality and catering, healthcare, branding and security.

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Hawkins said that local companies will be contracted to provide gift bags, memorabilia, and official APEC shirts. This is in line with the organisation of the last four APEC summits, he said. He also noted that up to 20,000 bilum bags may be required.

‘The APEC shirts will be produced locally-printed, sewn here,’ he said.

‘We want delegates to go back to their countries … with a new understanding of PNG.’

According to Hawkins, security is a key issue—particularly ‘in today’s world, where there are so many threats, people who want to interrupt modern society’.

‘But, at the same time, when we do deliver a series of APEC meetings, we want delegates to go back to their countries—back to the 21 APEC economies around the world, as well as other countries—with a new understanding of PNG in terms of the investment opportunities that the country has to offer.

‘And also (we want them to understand) the great spectacular and cultural geographical locations around the country as part of the drive to increase tourism in the country.’


APEC Haus. Artist's impression.

APEC Haus. Artist’s impression.

Hawkins said APEC Haus, where the Leaders’ Summit will be held, is on track to open in July, 2018.

Construction of APEC Haus is being undertaken by Oil Search through a tax credit scheme, which he believes is a ‘very effective way of ensuring the private sector is involved in delivering a private sector project’.

Hawkins said it means the project is not reliant on government cash flow and commodity prices.

He added that the summit would not be just one event held over two days, but ‘a year-long event, involving about 200 meetings’.

‘The main event will be in November, when up to 10,000 delegates will be here.’

Hawkins said the first ministerial meeting had been brought forward to 9 October this year. The rest of the meetings will begin from January 2018, including some smaller meetings in regional centres, involving up to 200 people.

‘The main event will be in November when up to 10,000 delegates will be here.’

The main meeting dates of 17/18 November, 2018, which are on a weekend, will probably be declared as public holidays.

Christopher Hawkins will provide a further information on APEC 2018 at the 2017 Papua New Guinea Investment Conference in Sydney, to be held on 7 & 8 September.


  1. Iam very happy for the great initiative to support the local entrepreneurs in terms helping them realize their potential in delivering hospitality service during this big event.

  2. Debrah Solange A. Warrey says

    I’m a small woman in business locally and am keen on providing my catering services (mobile meal packs) and also bilums, baskets, string bags and other little local items.
    Pls provide Apec Coordinating Authority contact details and contact persons…

  3. GOLA Jamelie says

    Its good that the government must involved all the people living in and around the APEC host city Port Moresby so that every one is getting occupied.
    Small tasks must be distributed evenly to everyone so that everyone can feel responsible.

  4. Sineme Norm says

    Please consider local bilum makers or sellers for the production of bilums. I am interested in the contract to make 15-20,000 bilums for the 2018 APEC meet.

  5. Alex Wilson says

    Best Wishes as I hope small local businesses benefits also.

  6. Thank you Chris Hawkins and APEC PNG Coordination Authority for thinking of local PNG indigenous businesses for the opportunity to showcase and for the possibility of global expansion.

    However the Government-appointed Business Tender Board must do its due diligence in firstly identifying and distinguishing between local indigenous businesses and local-based foreign-owned businesses and give priority to the former.
    Secondly and finally, local-based foreign-owned businesses must collaborate with local indigenous businesses should they be given contracts.

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