Articles by David James

Pacific exporters’ confidence high, says survey

A survey of exporters in the Pacific Region has found that business confidence has increased. Although they are exporting to fewer countries the total number of exports has risen since 2014.

Opinion: How to succeed in business in China

Those who want to succeed in China should have their eye on the long term, business futurist David Thomas tells Business Advantage PNG. He says patience is critical and expectations should be kept realistic.

Domestic credit in Papua New Guinea sound, say finance executives

Businesses in Papua New Guinea may be finding it hard to get foreign exchange, but credit quality within the domestic economy remains relatively healthy. Finance executives and analysts tell Business Advantage PNG that there has been only a slight deterioration of kina-denominated credit, despite the weak economy.

Five questions about the Solomon Islands to the IFC’s Vsevolod Payevskiy

The Solomon Islands’ economy has a rich resource base but faces many obstacles, according to Vsevolod (Seva) Payevskiy, Country Resident Representative for the International Finance Corporation. He tells Business Advantage PNG the best options for growth are agriculture, fisheries, mining and tourism.

Agriculture prices fall sharply: a monthly review of Papua New Guinea’s commodities and financial markets

It has been a patchy month for energy prices and precious metals, while agricultural prices have been sharply weaker. Business Advantage PNG’s monthly review of Papua New Guinea commodities and financial markets.

How Puma Energy services Papua New Guinea’s energy market

Since 2014, Puma Energy has been Papua New Guinea’s major refiner and retailer of petroleum products. Its also part of a global energy operation that spans 47 countries. Jim Collings, Country General Manager, explains some of the challenges of supplying a country which is still heavily reliant on diesel fuel.

Cooperation in resources sector improving Papua New Guinea’s international standing, says analyst

Cooperation amongst the energy majors in Papua New Guinea is leading to greater efficiency and higher international standing, according to industry leaders and analysts. What is happening in PNG appears in stark contrast to recent experiences in Australia’s LNG industry.

What signs of recovery are experienced business leaders looking for in Papua New Guinea? (Part One)

What are the signs of economic recovery in Papua New Guinea that business leaders should look out for? In the first of a two part series, Business Advantage PNG asks some experienced business leaders what indicators they regard as significant and whether what they are seeing is positive.

Bank South Pacific continues to dominate but faces risks, say analysts

Bank South Pacific, Papua New Guinea’s biggest bank, has made ts 2017 AGM shareholder presentation. Analysts say it indicates the bank is travelling strongly, but does face some risks.

Five questions to economist Rohan Fox on Papua New Guinea’s exchange rates and APEC 2018

Papua New Guinea needs greater flexibility in the exchange rate, Rohan Fox, Lecturer and Research Fellow at the University of Papua New Guinea’s Division of Economics, explains to Business Advantage PNG. He believes APEC will be a boost to the economy but not enough to spark a general recovery.