Articles by David James

Kumul Telikom urgently looking to build undersea cable to Sydney, says Chairman

Mahesh Patel, the chairman of Kumul Telikom, told the Business Advantage Papua New Guinea Investment Conference that the newly formed entity is urgently looking to build an undersea cable to Sydney. He said the aim is to reduce wholesale price by two-thirds

Education standards need to improve to solve Papua New Guinea graduate employment problems, says human resources expert

The education of Papua New Guinea graduates needs to improve, says Scott Roberts, General Manager of human resources firm Rubicor Technical. He tells Business Advantage PNG that it will help address the problems of unemployment and under-employment or graduates.

Smartphones can transform Papua New Guinea’s economy, says futurist Mark Pesce

Smartphone technology can transform the economy, futurist Mark Pesce told the Business Advantage Papua New Guinea Investment Conference in Sydney earlier this month. He painted a long-term picture in which digital technology will allow the country to reap the benefits of the post-industrial era.

Maru says Papua New Guinea must aim at import replacement in agriculture

The Papua New Guinea government will establish an equity fund to invest in the agriculture sector, according to Richard Maru, Minister for National Planning and Monitoring. He tells Business Advantage PNG that replacing food imports with domestic production is a priority.

Governor of Bank of PNG tells conference higher food production critical

Diversification of the Papua New Guinea economy is critical to maintaining economic growth according to Loi Bakani, the Governor of the Bank of Papua New Guinea. He told the PNG Investment Conference in Sydney that a particular area of concern is the high level of food imports.

Kina overvalued and one option is to have dual exchange rate, says economist

The kina is more than 20 per cent overvalued, according to Marcel Schroder, a lecturer in economics at the Development Policy Centre in the Australian National University (ANU), speaking to a joint University of Papua New Guinea/ANU event in Port Moresby. One option is to introduce a dual exchange rate for a limited time.

Oil prices weaker but copper up sharply: a monthly review of Papua New Guinea’s commodities and financial markets

Oil prices have weakened, but copper has had an upwards run. Business Advantage PNG’s monthly review of Papua New Guinea commodity and financial markets.

Brand poll shows that well-established companies dominate in Papua New Guinea

A new online survey by Business Advantage PNG to identify Papua New Guinea’s most recognisable local brands suggests that there are four stand out companies. So, what makes brands ‘stick’ with consumers?

Papua New Guinea ‘low risk’ for foreign investors says head of Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Papua New Guinea is a ‘low risk’ country for foreign investors, according to John Leahy, President of the Papua New Guinea Chamber of Commerce and Industry. But he tells Business Advantage PNG that it is important to prepare thoroughly in order to be a successful investor.

Papua New Guinea can boost economy through better use of human resources, says study

A survey of human resources in Papua New Guinea has found that the country could make big gains by using its people better. But there are significant skill shortages, especially in management and the professions.