Kumul Telikom rolling out 4G network across Papua New Guinea, says Chairman

Kumul Telikom Chairman Mahesh Patel says the Papua New Guinea telco is close to rolling out its 4G services. He tells 'Business Advantage Boardroom', which aired on national broadcaster EMTV, that the merger of bmobile, DataCo and Telikom PNG is necessary to make the state- owned enterprise efficient and manage the technological challenges.
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Merger of Telikom PNG, PNG DataCo and bmobile may lead to lower costs, say analysts

IT analysts and industry insiders tell Business Advantage PNG that the Papua New Guinea Government's decision to merge bmobile and PNG DataCo under a Telikom PNG renamed Kumul Telikom is likely to increase competition and innovation. But the move will not be without challenges.
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Lower prices the ‘bottom line’ with Kumul Telikom reforms, says Chairman

A major reform will see all Papua New Guinea's state-owned telecommunications companies grouped under a single board for the first time. The Chairman of the new-look Kumul Telikom, Mahesh Patel, speaks exclusively to Business Advantage PNG about his board's priorities for increased competition and 'slashed' internet prices.
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Young Bitcoin entrepreneur brings Silicon Valley to Papua New Guinea

A young Papua New Guinean entrepreneur is bringing Silicon Valley to PNG to help boost financial inclusion in the country. Day One Investments' Shane Ninai tells Business Advantage PNG of his plans to encourage the use of the virtual currency, Bitcoin.
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New exchange may see internet costs in Papua New Guinea fall, says analyst

While a consultancy's report has shown that internet costs in Papua New Guinea are amongst the highest in the world, prices are falling. Encouragingly, an agreement announced this week could see internet costs fall even further.
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