Steamships MD Peter Langslow sees future in property development (Part 2)

In the second of a two-part series, Steamships Managing Director Peter Langslow tells Business Advantage PNG that his diversified company is looking to upgrade its manufacturing activities, upgrade more hotels and is planning more property development in Papua New Guinea.
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Foreign exchange shortages open up opportunities for Papua New Guinea’s manufacturers

The difficulty in getting foreign exchange is making goods made in Papua New Guinea more attractive, local manufacturers tell 'Business Advantage Boardroom', which aired last night on national broadcaster, EMTV. But a lack of protection against cheap overseas competition remains a problem.
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Survival of Papua New Guinea industry threatened unless greater protection, say business figures

There is a growing call for greater protection of Papua New Guinea industry to respond to allegedly unfair international competition. A number of manufacturers tell Business Advantage PNG that most countries have used protectionism to foster their domestic industries and it is time for PNG to do the same.
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Manufacturers survey: adapting to tougher economic conditions

Papua New Guinea’s manufacturers experienced difficult conditions in 2015 and many are concerned that things will get worse before they get better. David James talks to some of the key figures from the sector to find out how they are coping with the tough market conditions.
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‘One building at a time’: Papua New Guinea’s K K Kingston prepares for next wave after consolidation

For the last 18 months, leading Lae manufacturer K K Kingston has been consolidating and restructuring. CEO Michael Kingston talks to Business Advantage PNG about the company’s strategy, his optimism for the future, and the issues facing businesses in Papua New Guinea.
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Overcoming chronic lack of skilled tradespeople in Papua New Guinea requires more government funding, say industry leaders

An analysis of foreign workers coming to Papua New Guinea since 2000 indicates a chronic lack of skilled tradespeople, according to Lae-based business leaders. While skills training initiatives are under way, an expected surge in mining projects over the next few years highlights the urgency for more skilled workers.
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