Articles by Paul Barker

Opinion: The Institute of National Affairs reaches a milestone as the voice of reason in Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea Institute of National Affairs celebrates 40 years this year as the country’s leading ‘think tank’, research and public policy advisory service for government and business on key economic issues. Executive Director, Paul Barker, reflects on its history and achievements.

Opinion: Proposed Papua New Guinea Land Act changes would harm investment, says Barker

The proposed amendments to Papua New Guinea’s Land Act are a cause for concern, argues the Institute of National Affairs’s Paul Barker. He says, if implemented, the legislation would scare off foreign investors at a time when the Government is looking for capital to encourage economic diversification.

Opinion: How Papua New Guinea can lessen the impact of falling energy prices

Progress in fostering economic and social development is threatened by the recent drop in global energy prices. Paul Barker provides practical ways to minimise the impact of the downturn.

Opinion: Oil Search loan deal will affect Papua New Guinea’s Sovereign Wealth Fund

Papua New Guinea’s proposed Sovereign Wealth Fund was intended to stabilise the kina and secure assets for the future. But, as Paul Barker from the Institute of National Affairs argues, the government’s borrowing plan for Oil Search shares may jeopardise the fund’s effectiveness.

Opinion: Sovereign Wealth Fund key to the fall or rise of the kina

The ANZ Bank last month predicted the kina will fall by up to 10% in value by the end of 2014, in anticipation of income from the LNG project. Paul Barker from the Institute of National Affairs, looks ahead several years to when that income begins to have ‘a substantial impact’.

Opinion: 2014 Budget must calm markets with focus on core functions

The Treasurer is about to present the 2014 Budget to Parliament, after a challenging year for Papua New Guinea and its government. Paul Barker looks at what next year’s Budget should contain.

Opinion: National Development Forums provide critical listening post

Paul Barker, the Director of the Institute of National Affairs, reviews the 2013 National Development Forum, organised by the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council (CIMC). The national forum is the culmination of four regional forums held over the past six months. This year’s focus was on revitalising services at the District level across Papua New Guinea.

Opinion: Give Papua New Guinea agriculture the break it needs

Paul Barker argues for a far greater emphasis on Papua New Guinea’s largest most widespread economic activity—agriculture.

The O’Neill Government: the first three months

With the new O’Neill Government’s first National Budget released just yesterday, Paul Barker assesses the prospects for business under PNG’s new Government. Since its election in August 2012, the Government led by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has sent a mixed bag of messages to business, while its policy positions are being consolidated. However, the Prime […]