Six things business needs to know about Papua New Guinea’s economy [analysis]

Westpac's Senior Economist Justin Smirk has been studying Papua New Guinea's economy for over 20 years. He recently provided the 2023 Business Advantage Investment Conference with six things businesses should understand about PNG's economy, as we wait for the next wave of resources investment to begin.
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What does the 2023 PNG 100 CEO Survey tell us about business confidence in Papua New Guinea? [analysis]

The results of the 2023 PNG 100 CEO Survey, Papua New Guinea's annual business confidence survey, have been released. Westpac’s Senior Economist, Justin Smirk, draws on 12 years of survey results to highlight the changes in business conditions and the issues faced by business.
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Opinion: How exposed is Papua New Guinea’s economy to a tiny cluster of companies?

Papua New Guinea relies heavily on a limited number of taxpayers. Paul Barker, Executive Director of industry-funded think tank, the Institute of National Affairs, considers the implications for government expenditure and PNG's foreign exchange situation.
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