In brief: Wafi-Golpu licence expected by the end of July or August and other business stories


Mining Minister is optimistic about Wafi-Golpu mining project, Police Commissioner must vacate office before the end of the month and Australia’s Seasonal Worker Program is back.

Wafi-Golpu is a joint venture between Newcrest Mining Limited and Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited. Credit: Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture


PNG Power Limited (PPL) is reviewing its options to raise capital, according to the Post-Courier. PPL’s new Managing Director, Flagon Bekker, said that the company, Kumul Consolidated Holdings and relevant shareholders are reviewing options, including national and international investor bases.

‘It will allow the broadening and deepening of the PNG financial sector, showing that it’s becoming more sophisticated and more in line with how other regional countries’ developed their sectors,’ he said. (Post-Courier)


East Sepik-based company Pacific Energy Support Ltd is working on building a mini-hydropower station system in Wewak. According to The National, Pacific Energy Support is ‘well into its feasibility studies to determine the viability of the project’. The estimated cost of the project is K15 million and it’s aiming at generating 2.1 MV of renewable clean energy. The company worked in the rehabilitation of the Moem Barracks power transformers in 2017.


The Wafi-Golpu mining project could be licensed by the end of July or early August. Minister of Mining Johnson Tuke reportedly said a ‘framework agreement has already been reached’.

Tuke added ‘all due diligence has been done, proponents are very happy and we are very happy, we are set to go … the environment permit has been given … I am not looking for more than August.’ (Post-Courier)

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The Wafi-Golpu project has been granted an Environment Permit by the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority. (CEPA)


Pandemic Controller David Manning. Credit: Joint Agency Task Force

Police Commissioner and Secretary of the Department of Police, David Manning, has until January 29 to vacate both offices after the National Court ruled his appointment unlawful.

Although the application submitted by former Assistant Commissioner for Police-Human Resource Sylvester Kalaut and policer officer Fred Yasaka listed several grounds for Manning’s dismissal, the National Court only upheld one – Manning does not have a university degree and without tertiary qualifications, he can’t be appointed as Secretary and Commissioner of Police. (FM100)


Six Papua New Guineans for Southern Highlands Province (SHP) have been recruited to participated in the 2021 Australia’s Seasonal Worker Program, which was put on hold in March last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The six farmers have been placed in a poultry farm in Queensland and upon its return to PNG they are expected to share their new skills in SHP and ‘help build PNG’s poultry industry’. Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey reportedly said: ‘We are using these programs to upskill our workers so they can contribute meaningfully to the development of industry in PNG. (FM100)

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Credit: Breaking News via Twitter

US President Joe Biden has issued an executive order for the US to return to the Paris Agreement, which seeks to curve global warming increase, and nations around the world, particularly the Pacific nations, have welcomed the move.

Kausea Natano, Chair of the Pacific Islands Forum and Prime Minister of Tuvalu, said he looks forward to strengthened relationships between the Pacific and the US, especially on the climate crisis facing the region.

‘Our Blue Pacific faces a climate change crisis that threatens our future prosperity and the move by President Biden and his administration to bring the US back to the Paris Agreement is warmly welcomed and appreciated.’ (RNZ)

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