Credit Corp expands into Timor-Leste, using the country’s 20-year plan as a ‘road map’

A well-managed economy and a 20-year vision are two reasons Credit Corp has set up shop in Timor-Leste. Country Manager, Chris Durman, outlines his own vision to Business Advantage PNG.

Timor-Leste open to investment in oil, gas, tourism, agriculture and fisheries, says Ambassador

With its longstanding dispute with Australia over the Timor Sea resolved, neighbouring Timor-Leste looks set to expand its petroleum and mineral industries. Meanwhile, its government is actively seeking investors in agriculture and fisheries, tourism and services, according to Abel Guterres, Timor-Leste Ambassador to Australia.

Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste stand out in slowing Pacific economy

Growth across the Pacific region is expected to slow slightly during 2013, with Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and Nauru the outstanding performers, according to a mid-year review by the Asian Development Bank.

Papua New Guinea economic growth to ease to 5.5%: ADB

Papua New Guinea’s gross domestic product is set to increase by 5.5% in 2013, according to the Asian Development Bank’s latest Pacific Economic Monitor, released last week. This is compared to growth of 9.2% in 2012.

PNG spearheads regional growth

Papua New Guinea is expected to remain the standout economy in the Pacific over the coming year, with its success having a knock-on effect on neighbouring Solomon Islands. Business Advantage summarises the outlook for the region’s larger economies. Unsurprisingly, the region’s fastest-growing economies are those whose economies are based around exporting natural resources, especially to Asia. ‘In Papua New Guinea […]