‘Prosperity diseases’ the next health challenge for Papua New Guinea

The next health care challenge for Papua New Guinea authorities are the afflictions of modern society, says Myles Neri, Group Medical Director of International SOS. They include heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Papua New Guinea Investment Conference ‘a resounding success’

The Business Advantage Papua New Guinea Investment Conference was held last week in Sydney, successfully showcasing the nation’s potential as an investment destination and canvassing different views from the business community about the opportunities and challenges. A clear picture of the country’s—and the Pacific region’s—great untapped potential emerged.

Private companies boost Papua New Guinea’s health sector

The private involvement in healthcare has expanded substantially in Papua New Guinea as foreign investment, particular into the country’s mining and petroleum sectors, has grown. We present a brief overview of the sector.

The changing face of investment in Papua New Guinea

With PNG expected to grow faster than China in 2011, Business Advantage examines just who is investing in PNG and in what sectors, and asks where the best opportunities lie in the future. ‘We’re at the start of a very long term growth period—the outlook long-term is extraordinary,’ says Rod Mitchell, the joint-CEO of PNG […]