Opinion: Recruitment strategies in energy sector focusing on skilled local talent

The Pacific region’s energy sector is experiencing growth, according to Calum Smith, Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific at the recruitment consultancy Airswift. He says the sector is creating a need to find skilled local talent, especially in the areas of digitalisation and renewables.

Opinion: resurgence of energy projects in Asia Pacific creating workforce challenges

New energy projects in the Asia Pacific are creating workforce challenges according to Calum Smith, Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific at HR consultancy, Airswift. In terms of roles, he says no other area in energy is growing as fast as renewables.

Trends in Papua New Guinea’s recruitment market: five questions for Airswift’s Calum Smith

The recruitment market in Papua New Guinea has been affected by the economic downturn. Business Advantage PNG asks Calum Smith, Vice President of Australasia for international workforce solutions provider Airswift how the market is changing.

People moves: Kina Securities, Bank South Pacific, Credit Corp, Airswift

A new Director at Kina Securities, a new General Manager (HR) at BSP, the Group CEO of Credit Corp to retire and a new Country Manager at AirSwift

People moves: MiBank, Parties to the Nauru Agreement

MiBank appoints a new Chairman, Papua New Guinean appointed to head up the Parties to Nauru Agreement, a new Country Manager for AirSwift

Employment agencies optimistic about job outlook in Papua New Guinea

Recruitment agencies servicing Papua New Guinea say the employment of expatriates has fallen over the past year. However, as our survey of the sector suggests, there is optimism about all employment in 2014, as new ventures come on stream to replace the giant PNG LNG project.

The changing face of investment in Papua New Guinea

With PNG expected to grow faster than China in 2011, Business Advantage examines just who is investing in PNG and in what sectors, and asks where the best opportunities lie in the future. ‘We’re at the start of a very long term growth period—the outlook long-term is extraordinary,’ says Rod Mitchell, the joint-CEO of PNG […]