Poll: are your sales down in Papua New Guinea?

How are your revenues holding up? Complete the poll and view the results.

Retail and manufacturing sales down in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s retailers and manufacturers alike reporting significant drops in revenue this year. How serious is the downturn?

Entrepreneurs: Duffy’s Travers Chue on coffee and fashion

At age 29, Travers Chue is an enthusiastic backer of Papua New Guinea’s fledgling café society. But as Rod Myer reports, his family’s entrepreneurial flair is also seeing the business expand.

Interview: Geoff Cundle, Steamships

One of PNG’s largest and most diversified companies has a new Managing Director. We caught up with Steamships’ Geoff Cundle (pictured below) a few weeks into his new job. Business Advantage PNG (BAPNG): This isn’t your first time working in PNG …? Geoff Cundle (GC): I was here about 20 years ago, again with Steamships, […]