Hotel investments transforming Port Moresby into regional conference venue

By the time of the APEC Summit in 2018, Port Moresby could have as many as 2590 high-end hotel rooms, and conference capacity for many thousands. Hoteliers tell Business Advantage PNG that the increase in scale and quality means the capital could become a world-class regional conference venue.
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Opinion: Is it time for Papua New Guinea business to get serious about social media?

With an estimated one million Papua New Guineans now connected to a mobile network, is it time for companies to add social media to their marketing strategy? Digital marketing manager Andreia Brodsky outlines what you need to know about this growing marketing channel.
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Five questions for the IFC’s Dina Nicholas on growing cruise line tourism in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands

Cruise liner tourism in PNG and the Solomon Islands could grow five-fold within two years, according to a study commissioned by the Australian Government, the IFC and cruise operator Carnival Australia. We asked the IFC's Senior Operations Office, Dina Nicholas, what will make this growth happen.
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Papua New Guinea’s Collins Shipping teams up with Chinese explorers to take adventurers 11,000 metres below sea level

The search for new business avenues sees Port Moresby’s Collins Shipping teaming up with Chinese maritime researchers to do a voyage to the bottom of the sea. And there’s the prospect of a new adventure tourism activity. Kevin McQuillan reports
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Port Moresby’s Harbourside cuisine revolution

A burgeoning middle class, an increase in expatriate workers and some entrepreneurial initiative is transforming the local cuisine. One of the more progressive developments is Pacific Palms Property’s Harbourside precinct, which will host up to six restaurants. Business Advantage PNG speaks to the General Manager, Andrew Potter, and Travers Chue, who runs one of the tenants—Duffy café.
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Solar the key to bringing electricity to remote Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has the perfect climate for solar, and is the key to achieving an ambitious government plan to bring electricity to the 70 per cent of Papua New Guineans who currently don’t have access by 2030, according to Rick Hooper, Chief Executive Officer of Sydney-based solar company, Barefoot Power.
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